Sunday, February 26, 2006

Relaxing the eyes helped me a lot

It’s been a bitter struggle with depression Anxiety and TMJ. After many months of struggling I seem to be getting a grip on this menace.

This is how I discovered it. Whenever I was climbing stairs I would feel better. At first I thought it’s because my head is bent low which made it relax. But that didn’t help after a while. Then I thought it has to do with feet getting bent at an angle. Didn’t work too.

Then one day I was cutting my toe nails on the sink when I discovered that I felt better. I literally froze in my position to note what was it that I was doing right. and it seemed to be vision. My eyes were relaxed and looking down. There was no tension around my eyelids. I gave it a try in normal life and it seems to work 90 % of the time. Just let your eye s relax. Once every hour try to focus on objects which are far out in the distance. This greatly helps reduce stress near eyes which causes headaches and aggravates signs of depression. I still am not sure what the optimal position is for the eyes to be totally relaxed but am reading yoga book and excursing to find out.

Next I will cover a topic many might find familiar. Does Masturbation aggravate signs of depression and Anxiety? They answer as per my experience is really surprising.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

How it all started {depression and Anxiety]

Have some free time now so I will get down to the basics and start from the beginning.
Since I was a kid I realized that I have always had depression and anxiety to some extent. I did not realize that was a problem. I thought this is just the way I am. It prevented me from achieving what I could have. It was difficult to socialize and progress. I guess my father had the same problem and it was hereditary. I used to stay in India till I was 22.

I moved to New York city when I was 22 and that’s what made me change. I found it very much more difficult to cope with the lifestyle. I had to stay away from family. making new friends was difficult and I wasn’t doing any better at work either. Then something happened in the winter of 2002 that changed me forever. In winter I went into a phase of deep depression. My heart felt like it was being crushed under weight and that my life was a miserable failure. I decided to go to my doctor. The doctor prescribed effexor for me. Before taking the meds I was researching about depression online. I hadn’t heard about effexor so I looked it up. All I read were horror stories of how it had gone awry for many and the terrible side effects. I almost took the sample the doctor had given me and threw it in a dustbin.

couple of days later the depression returned and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. So I decided to take the plunge and took two pills of the medicine. Maybe it was placebo to some extent but I started feeling the difference almost the same day. I started noticing that I am not as jumpy and anxious as I used to be before. I could have better conversations with people and think more clearly without having to repeatedly worry about the mundane things in life. My co-workers boss and relatives started noticing that I was livelier and cheerful. I could make great conversation and started presenting a very powerful image of myself. It was like I had just discovered what the real me was like.

The side effects were minimal to non existent and it just put my life in an upward phase.

When I come back I will discuss how things fell apart after a while . . and my fight to overcome it along with some tips which help me cope up with it.

My battle with TMJ, Anxiety, Depression and ways to conquer it

Hello All. I have been fighting TMJ for the last 6 months and thought it would be helpful to share my experience with everyone who is in the same boat.

To start with I have been diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Anxiety. I currently take Effexor 150 for this and it has worked wonders for me. It all started around 6 months ago. I came down with a really bad sinus infection and was bed ridden for a week. Post infection my symptoms of Anxiety and Depression returned. At first I thought this is related to my sinus problems. Medication like sudafed and countless others seemed to help very temporarily. I also had a Sinus operation to get rid of a deviated septum but I just didn’t seem top recover to my full potential. I kept blaming the sinus problem for it as I continued to have cough in my lungs.

Around 3 months ago I visited India to see my parents and met a doctor for the sinus problem. He told me in no uncertain terms that my problems were purely due to bad posture and incorrect breathing. The changes he suggested literally changed my life for the better.After researching more on the internet I found out that I could be suffering from Mild TMJ causing my problems. Hence began the battle to overcome it. I failed numerous times when I thought I knew what was wrong each time for it to return and cause havoc in my life. However I have persisted in my efforts and the findings were very surprising.

Couple of really important points to note before I end this post (have to run to the train station)Sinus problems and TMJ can be reduced and definitely improved by doing the small things mentioned below.

Please NOTE; the points below are from personal experience and Yoga/TMJ books.

1 Avoid Clenching/Grinding your teeth. This causes muscles in the jaw to tighten/stress and cause headaches and sinus drainage. to keep the mouth comfortable -
a. keep front third of ur tongue against roof of mouth. (like when u makes a cluck sound with your tongue). Slight pressure only
b. Keep lips together without a gap
c. Your teeth should be slightly apart and relax your lower jaw. {VERY IMPORTANT]
d Breathe through your nose

2 Practice proper breathing. Always breathe with your nose. Do not use your chest for breathing. Inflate and deflate stomach to practice deep breathing.

3 Proper posture- When sitting always sit straight. do not hold phone between ear and shoulder. head should always be well balanced on shoulder. Avoid letting your head droop to the front. imagine a string pulling the back of your head up. The chin should go towards your neck and rest should be pulled up. The lower end of the back should always be curved inwards towards the stomach side. Feet should be spread at a distance of approx 1 feet and the toes should be spread apart from each other. Chest should always be out and not drooping.

I just jotted down a few points here which came to my head first. Will keep updating this journal as I get more time. Hope this actually helps someone in need.